Military Retailers

Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA)

Deliver the Premier Quality of Life Benefit to the Armed Services Community – To enhance recruiting, retention and readiness by efficiently and effectively providing exceptional savings and excellent products and superior services – EVERYTIME, EVERYPLACE.

DeCA Facts

  • Annual operating Budget- Congressionally Funded (no profit)
  • Headquarters- Fort Lee, Virginia (does not choose overseas assortment)
  • FY 2015 Sales- $5.2Billion
  • 246 stores (178 in CONUS and 68 OCONUS)
  • Merchandise sold at cost plus 1% to cover shrinkage, plus 5% surcharge applied at register
  • Vendor Stocking-required for some categories
  • Estimated that 45% of DeCA shoppers are retirees
  • Commissaries recognized as the #1 non-pay benefit
  • DeCA has a benchmark of 30% Patron Savings vs. Civilian Grocery
  • Fewer operating hours than a traditional grocer

Doing Business with DeCA

  • Must have civilian distribution
  • Must use industry required distribution system (aka DeCA distributors)
  • Must have a ROA (Resale Order Agreement), aka Government Contract
  • Pricing equal to or lower than best customer
  • In store selling for new item introduction – headquarters does not “force out” goods. Therefore, field sales team becomes vital in getting product to shelf
  • In store stocking (depending on category) – ½ the store is required to be stocked by industry


  • Operate as Federal Instrumentalities – unique organizations within the DoD
  • Non Appropriated Fund Activities – Self-funded, using few tax dollars
  • Return earnings goes back to Customers through payments to Morale, Welfare and Recreation Activities (i.e. golf courses, day care centers, movie theaters) and investments in new, renovated exchange facilities
  • Multiple type of outlets to include Main Exchanges (a combination of mass merchandiser and department store) and Non-Main Store (Convenience)
  • Centralized Buying and Advertising by service to include AAFES, NEXCOM Marine Corps Exchanges, Coast Guard Exchange, Vets Canteen and Ships Afloat
  • Doing Business with the Government requires Pricing equal to or lower than best customer

Ships Afloat

Although part of NEX (the Navy Exchange), each ship makes its own buying decisions. Therefore, we have a dedicated sales team committed to keeping in contact with these buyers to insure the product delivers on time. Since these ships are consistently on the move it is a must and a commitment we have dedicated ourselves to by using our 2 warehouse facilities to stock these goods and ship within the 48 hour required time period.
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Hawaii Retail Customers

Customers include but are not limited to the following:

- CVS/Longs
- Walgreens
- Walmart
- Foodland Super Markets
- Sam’s Club
- Times Supermarkets
- ABC Stores
- Food Pantry Whalers
- KTA Superstores
- Cash N Carry
- 7-11 Stores
- Big Save
- Don Quijote Stores - Marukai
- S&K Snacks
- Kmart Hawaii
- Tamura’s
- Waianae Store
- Hilo Candy
- THY Associates
- Maui Distributors
- Aloha Gas
- Fisher Hawaii
- City Mill
- C&S Wholesale
- McKesson Drug
- Amerisource Bergen

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