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Headquarter Services

Our teams complete all tasks of the headquarter call, from analyzing the business and presenting to headquarters, to ensuring that your product makes it to the shelf. We also have individuals around the globe calling on headquarters for both the Europe and the Pacific Theater military markets.

Category Management

The recent addition of IRI Data for Commissary and outside the gate retail data, along with 1010data for the AAFES Exchange allows us to stay in tune with our clients and our customers ever changing needs by identifying things such as shifts in industry and gaps in assortment.

Our Business Managers, the primary point of contact for our manufacturer partners, are all either enrolled in or have been certified by The Partnering Group’s Category Management College; therefore, ensuring they have a vast understanding of the process necessary to do business with our customer.

Space Management

Our plan-o-gram team works directly with our internal headquarter team, the DeCA category management teams and Exchange buying teams to assist with all aspects of the plan-o-gram to include new item placement, endcap display plan-o-grams and category review proposals.

Learn More about DeCA Planograms


Our Logistics team is committed to insuring that business stays on track by working diligently on the following tasks:

  • Track New item inventories at the distributor level
  • Communicate Promotional, Seasonal, and One Time Buy quantities to each distributor
  • Track Promotional, Seasonal & OTB inventory
  • Push quantity management
  • Post promotional recap and evaluation
  • Top-line manufacturer distributor reports


What is a ROA (Resale Order Agreement)?

This is a contract required process in order to do business with DeCA, in which S & K Sales Co. currently has and uses in order to assist manufacturers in doing business with DeCA. S & K Sales Co. Performs All Support Functions: EDI Prices to DeCA, Process Distributor Orders, Invoice Distributors, Process Distributor Roll Ups, Invoice DeCA, Credit Distributor, and Pay Distributor Drayage.

The ROA Process


Retail Services

Shelf Management

  • Ensure categories are set to POG & shelf integrity is maintained.
  • All items are in stock, shelf tags & signage are in place & coupons are displayed.
  • Provides shelf stocking for DeCA mandated categories.


  • Schedules and assists with category & entire store resets.

Display Building

  • Follows best practice merchandising guidelines to build endcaps and promotional displays.
  • Coordinates & provides staffing for product demos, sidewalk sales & other special events.

Distributor Management

  • Work with business manager to ensure items are in stock for promotions, new items & seasonal OTB’s.
  • Flushes out inventory on delisted items.


  • Store level reporting where needed & competitive activity reports.

Business Reviews

  • Meets with store managers & regional zone managers to review category trends & consumer insights.

Merchandising, Selling & Reporting Tools

Store level POS – access to store level data for both the Commissary (DeCA) and AAFES Exchange, we have the capability to track the following:
  • Zero scans
  • Speed to Shelf
  • ACV Levels
  • Inventory Out of Stocks
Store, Access & Share Information – with the ability to store electronic data on a web based platform allows for our sales team to have information at any time and any place

Mission Specific Reporting – the ability to assign tasks and get real time data allows us to stay on top of the needs of our customer and clients ever changing requests


From individual plan-o-grams to entire store resets, our teams are there. As a leader in the industry S & K Sales Co. provides one of the largest support teams for these types of occurrences.

Demos & Contests

With one of the largest retail teams in the industry, S & K Sales Co. has the ability to perform demos for any product or execute retail specific contests on a moment’s notice.

  • Tinker AFB Commissary

  • Nellis AAFES Exchange

  • Imperial Beach Commissary

  • Hickam AFB Commissary

  • Ft. Bliss AAFES Exchange

  • Schofield AAFES Exchange

  • Schofield AAFES Exchange

Promotional Display Merchandising

Our retail team works to insure that your promotions get the best placement with the most recognition. No matter how big or small the promotion is or where the store is located in the world. We will be there to make it happen.

  • Peterson Afb Commissary

  • Ft. Benning Commissary

  • Ramstein Commissary

  • Kmcc Aafes Exchange

  • Vilseck Commissary

  • Randolph Afb Commissary

  • Incirlik Commissary

  • Hohenfels Commissary

  • Naples Commissary

  • Kadena Commissary

  • Croughton Commissary

  • Naples Commissary

  • Ft. Bragg Aafes Exchange

  • Spangdahlem Commissary

  • Ft. Campbell Commissary

  • Ft. Lewis Commissary

  • Vogelweh Commissary

  • Rota Commissary

  • Imperial Beach Commissary

  • Schofield Aafes Exchange

  • Vicenza Commissary